“The “Les Amis Dînent…” restaurant was born of a love of cooking and a passion for entertaining. A place where the art of the table rhymes with traditional cuisine brimming with original recipes.
This love also translates into a unique and refined setting that inspires relaxation and conviviality. The restaurant is divided into several rooms, each decorated in a different colour, so that your senses will succumb to the pleasures of the table. In such a colourful environment, our menu should light up your mind like a rainbow under a shower of flavours…

Nicolas Dassonville

Managing Director

To the question
"What would you take to a desert island?",

Are you hesitating? A gourmet menu or your friends? Not easy, we admit. Your friends are precious, there to support you through thick and thin, but above all there to enjoy the good times. As for gastronomy, it puts love in your gourmet stomach. What if today you could combine the two?

If restaurants are often aptly named, this one is the very quintessence of what friendship represents: happiness, sweets, delights and laughter.

Les Amis Dînent invites you to discover traditional, refined French cuisine in a friendly, welcoming setting. Depending on the mood of the day, let yourself be transported into the atmosphere that suits you…

From May to September, you can also enjoy our terrace and sunny garden. A must for young and old alike!


Au pied levé, nous avons jeté notre dévolu sur ce restaurant. Aucun regret, très bon conseil, bonne proposition de plats. Nous y retournerons.
SDC Prod
SDC Prod
Un cadre superbe, une cuisine aux milles saveurs. Des prix très démocratiques pour des plats dignes de top chef.
Gaelle Lambotte
Gaelle Lambotte
Très bon accueil, un rapport qualité prix imbattable... c'était délicieux 😋
Bernadette Derlet
Bernadette Derlet
Très bel accueil, plats délicieux. Allez le découvrir , vous allez adorer.
Daisy Verschueren
Daisy Verschueren
Le cadre est vraiment très joli. Nous y avons bien manger. L’ouverture de fait à l’heure pile pile :) pas une minute avant pas une minute après.
Gaetan Melange
Gaetan Melange
Lieux très agréable et chaleureux. Une bonne cuisine, des produits de qualité et une variété de menus intéressante. Notre première visite était une très bonne visite et nous poussera à en faire d’autre. Petit bémol, sur les croquettes de crevettes qui manque cruellement de crevettes mais pour le reste c’est un repas parfait.
Très bien!

Pleasure & Simplicity

At our restaurant, the pleasure of the table comes first and foremost from the quality of the ingredients we select. Every fortnight, our chef offers you a tasty seasonal lunch. From traditional dishes to more unexpected combinations, a world of sensations to suit all tastes: fish, game, meat, etc.
Not to mention a warm welcome and fast, professional service.

Our different atmospheres


Ochre Room

The yellow room is radiant with light, allowing around thirty people to converse either at banquet tables or at several tables.


1 table > 24 people

4 tables of 8 > 32 people

1 table of 12 + 2 tables of 8 > 28 people

Individual tables for 2, 4 and 8 people > 22 people


Azur Room

The more subdued Azure Room can accommodate around thirty people and offers a more convivial and special feel to any reception.


1 table > 18 people

3 tables of 8 > 24 people

Individual tables for 2, 4 and 8 people > 26 people


Green Room

The green room can accommodate groups of up to ten guests, providing privacy and confidentiality.


1 table > 10 people

Individual tables for 2, 3 and 4 people > 9 people


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